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Real Estate Can Be More Exciting Than People Think

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A quick look behind the scenes

Fiction is filled with settings that involve a great deal of danger and intrigue. Even something as mild in real life as the average restaurant will often have some allure added to it in the world of fiction. But in reality the most exciting and dynamic areas tend to be quite a bit different than people imagine. For example, few people would think of real estate as a setting for family based drama. But in reality it's a highly contentious area where people are constantly vying to get the best deals. And it's also one of the few remaining areas in high business where family tends to come first. All of this is a long way of saying that it can be a rather contentious area. It takes the drama one associates with family and adds it to the drama associated with high finance. This is all something that one needs to keep in mind when looking at the dynamic involving Peter Lowy David Simon Robert Taubman.

Taking control off the mall

Taubman is on one side of the situation, while Simon and Lowy are on the other. All of the players are sons of self made men, and all are of a similar age. This background makes for an amazing situation to watch from the outside. Friendly golf partners have turned to rivals. Mall assets aren't the only thing on the line. There's also a great deal of president, pride and public opinion on the line. Much of it simply comes down to how government officials in Michigan view the situation. But whatever the result, there's one thing that's abundantly clear. A situation which started small has become a dynamic situation worthy of any fictionalized TV drama. It's a situation show makes it clear that there's more to real estate than most people realize.